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"On "4 New Dreams !", Bruno Tocanne leads a quartet where Blaser intertwines contrapuntal lines and swaps solos with trumpeter Remi Gaudillat. The leader never rushes the proceedings, always ensuring that there's plenty of space for the groove to breathe and the listener to cogitate."


Bruno Tocanne (dms)
Samuel Blaser (tbn)
Michael Bates (bass)
Rémi Gaudillat (tpt)

Recording track list

  1. Birthday Memorial 06:34
  2. In a suggestive way 03:32
  3. waiting for 03:46
  4. Van Gogh 05:12
  5. Shape 03:48
  6. Alicante 03:45
  7. Interlude1 01:04
  8. Voodoo 07:03
  9. Interlude2 01:11
  10. Le singulier au pluriel 03:07
  11. Pas si simple 04:49

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Press quotes

"Remarquable finesse, cohésion et naturel" / "Refinement and naturalness".*** Jazz Magazine
"A nice and varied program with a lot of open-ended playing" - New York City Jazz Records
"Une musique personnelle, créative, mélodieuse et en toute liberté !" / "A free, creative, melodious and personal music" - Le Monde
"Une belle et captivante musique d'un bout à l'autre" / "More than a (beautiful) music that caresses, intrigues,a story that arouses interest" - Mozaic Jaz