About Instant Musics Records

The record label was founded in 2009 by Bruno Tocanne, activist in jazz and improvised musics since the beginning of the 80's.

Instant Musics Records Management

Bruno Tocanne, decided to create a record label to be free to record all the musical projects emanating from his structure, far from the diktats of the musical and cultural industry. The only considerations here are artistic and the record label is sometimes opened to other projects than their own creations, like with the label "Facing You" (Henri Roger)

Artists who have participated at the records of the IMR record label
Michael Bates (NYC), Samuel Blaser (CH), Rémi Gaudillat, Fred Roudet, Alain Blesing, Senem Diyici (Turk), Gérald Chevillon, Joachim Florent, Philippe Gordiani, Benoît Keller, Arnaud Laprêt, Antonin Leymarie, Russ Lossing (NYC), Quinsin Nachoff (NYC), Fred Meyer, Elodie Pasquier, Damien Sabatier, Bruno Tocanne, Henri Roger, Bernard Santacruz, Antoine Läng (CH), Jean Aussanaire, Olivier Thémines, Perrine Mansuy, Laurent Vichard, Loïc Bachevillier, Eric Maria-Couturier, Emilie Lebros...

Tocanne, Domancich, Läng, Gaudillat Sea Song(e)s
imuZZic Grand(s)Ensemble Over The Hills
Gaudillat - Tocanne Canto de Multitudes
Marcel Kanche - Fred Roudet - Bruno Tocanne  Juillet 94
Bruno Tocanne In a suggestive way
Rémi Gaudillat - Le chant des Possibles
imuZZic Grand(s)Ensemble - Libre(s) Ensemble
Mad Kluster
Senem Diyici - Dila, dila
Bruno Tocanne - 4 new dreams !
Imperial 4tet...