Bruno Tocanne - musician, artistic director of IMR

Write Bruno: 


Born in Paris, he began his studies in drums with Jean Louis MECHALI and jazz and improvisation in playing in the Manuel or Patricio VILLAROEL and  the Steve LACY workshops. "Musician, teacher, activist Bruno Tocanne is  a catalyst for jazz and improvised music, bringing together some of the most creatice musicians on the french and international scenes. Bruno's travels around the globe have resulted in musical encounters with Dave BURELL (USA),Yuri KUSNETSOV (Ukr), Vladimir VOLKOV (Russia), Russ JOHNSON (USA), Quinsin NACHOFF (Canada), Samuel BLASER (CH), Itaru OKI (Japan), Louis SCLAVIS (Fr), Francesco BERAZATTI (Italy), Hasse POULSEN (Dk)..."

On tour with SEA SONG(E)s, with Sophia Domancich, Antoine Läng and Rémi Gaudillat, freely inspired by the universe of the Robert WYATT's "Rock Bottom", OVER THE HILLS a creation from Carla BLEY's Opera "Escalator Over The Hill" with the imuZZic Grand(s) Ensemble, recorded and play with the Gaudillat - Tocanne CANTO DE MULTITUDES (a tribute to Pablo NERUDA), recorded and played with Marcel KANCHE ("Epaisseur du Vide" / Caramba - JUILLET 94 with Fred Roudet)...

Founded the IMUZZIC COLLECTIVE who host guest artists like Louis SCLAVIS, Russ JOHNSON (NY), Denis BADAULT, Emmanuel BEX, Xavier GARCIA.. Formed Trio RESISTANCES with Lionel MARTIN and Benoit KELLER : 3 albums, the two laters signed with Cristal Records. Toured with pianist Dave BURELL (USA) and Catherine DELAUNAY in Japan, before recording and playing in duet with her... Recorded with the NACHOFF- TOCANNE Project for Cristal Records, then with his own 4tet, on IMR label : 4 NEW DREAMS !  in 2009 with Michael BATES (NYC), Samuel BLASER (CH) and Rémi GAUDILLAT (tpt), and, in 2012, with Russ LOSSING (NYC) and Quinsin Nachoff (NYC). Founded and recorded with the LIBRE ENSEMBLE in 2011.  Recorded and toured with the I.OVERDIVE TRIO (tribute to Syd Barrett with Philippe GORDIANI), and with the same trio + the french singer Marcel KANCHE (A tribute to Léo Ferré- sept. 2012). Toured with the Bruno TOCANNE IN A SUGGESTIVE WAY  in 4tet & trio and played with Michel BENITA, Senem DIYICI, Didier LEVALLET Daniel ERDMANN, Federico CASAGRANDE, Francesco BEARZATTI..

A munificent, subtle and lavish drummer" JAZZ MAGAZINE
Bruno Tocanne is to his drums and cymbals what a japanese calligrapher is to his art...  LIBERATION
A catalyst of ideas and emotions" FRANCE MUSIQUE


Bruno Tocanne - musician, artistic director of IMR