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Some musical meetings appears to be evident.. The meeting of Alain Blesing and Bruno Tocanne is part of that ! As musicians of the same generation who have had similar paths, they both are motived by a continous and furious desire to push the limits, combining fredom and rigor, to move improvised music from an object of enjoyment to existential and even poltical questionnings...


Alain Blesing (guit - compositions)
Fred Roudet (tpt)
Benoît Keller (bass)
Bruno Tocanne (dms)

Recording track list

Céline (Benoît Keller)
Rock'n molle (Alain Blesing)
Bagdad buiseness (A Blesing)
Désert (A Bleing)
Hop !! (A Blesing)
Improvisation (Roudet, Blesing, Tocanne, Keller)
Sweet Ocean (A Blesing)

Mad Kluster Vol. 1: release info

4 Stars "Définitivement recommanble" / "Definitely recomanded" - Jazz Magazine
Elu- Elected  "Un embrasement électrique et éclectique" / "An electric and eclectic flashover" - Citizen Jazz
"Aux frontières du jazz électrique et du rock progressif"  / " At the borders of electric jazz and progressive rock" - 
Jazz Fan 
"A découvrir sans tarder !" - Culture Jazz